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Wedding Photography Services

I am passionate about capturing the special, hidden
moments that will happen on your special day: the smiles,
the laughs, the glances and the kisses – moments that
would otherwise be lost. I’m an experienced wedding
photographer based in Polis who is dedicated to
capturing authentic moments you will treasure for a lifetime.

Our Work

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Check Out Our Projects on Behance(1).

We are a team of 3 creative professionals in Polis. Our work includes Professional Photography/Videography, Web Design/Development, Mobile Development (Cross-platform or Android) and UI/UX. We also have Cyprus Photo Museum aka Odysseas Photo Gallery in Polis where Photography has been exhibited since the 1950s.
Check out our folio work in BEHANCE(2).

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We’re currently accepting new client projects. We look forward to serving you.

Please contact us if you are interested in any of our Services, either Photography/Videography, or Web Design/Development, or Mobile Development (Cross-platform or Android) or UI/UX.

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